SEO Philippines: Pricing of SEO services in 2019

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money.”
-Douglas Adams

Nowadays, SEO is very in demand here in the Philippines industry. Many freelancers used SEO to help them in increasing their website ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Every business or company owner dreamed to be on the top list. That’s why Best SEO Ph. is offering SEO services that will help your business to increase your ranking. SEO services will also help your business to gain more potential clients. Our company offers this SEO services with an affordable price of $760 per month. And as you can see it is much lesser than others. Because in Best SEO ph. we are not focusing to gain more money but to help our clients to their ranking. We are very willing to have a partnership with you in your journey to be on top.

What do you expect?

Best SEO Ph. only used White Hat SEO strategy. Our main goal is to give our clients best and Quality SEO Results while following the Google Policy when it comes in the strategy that we will use.

In SEO terminology, Black Hat refers to the use of aggressive strategies which mainly focus on search engines, not on a human audience. That’s why Best SEO Ph. does not use this strategy, we don’t want your site to be in danger and get penalized.

SEO can give you quality results in a matter of time. It took a few times in SEO to notice the changes in your traffic. But once you already start the SEO the traffic will be on a steady rate.

We assure you that we will update you from time to time regarding the status of your transaction to us. Best SEO ph. will give you a detailed SEO monthly report including organic traffic, Keywords ranking and more.

How Search Engine Optimization can benefit your company?

Many company or business does not have any idea in SEO services. And How can benefit their company in this services? If you are one of them who do not have any idea about SEO, Then this is for you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an optimization that mainly focuses on the visibility of web-page in Search Engine Result.

For a business or company owner, it is important to be easily found of customers in online marketing. That’s why the Digital Marketing industry is really a blast here in the Philippines. One of the fields of Digital Marketing is the SEO. It’s really important to have these services not only because of ranking but also for the visibility of your website.   

Now, how can Search Engine Optimization can benefit your company? I have 5 benefits here on how it will work to your company.

1. SEO can help you to increase your ranking.

It is a great feeling to be on top or only to have changes in your ranking. To increase your SEO ranking you must know about the process and how it will work on your websites. 

2. SEO results are Permanent and it is at a low cost than other.

One of the main problems in every company is they think that When they grab SEO services is they are worried about the cost of the SEO campaign. And that is reasonable because Many SEO agency is offering services which can cost hundreds up to ten thousand Dollars but it is up to you if you grab that offer. SEO results are at low cost because in this campaign results are permanent. You don’t need to pay high cost just to notice the improvement of the results.

3. SEO can produce higher brand credibility.

When it comes in Brand credibility, 100 % sure that in SEO can give you better results than others. From the Permanent results up to the rankings, we promised that nothing will change and Aside from It, We will never waste your time and your trust in us.

4. SEO can take your business to the Next Level.

In the SEO campaign, it will help you to increase not only in rankings but also it will take your business to the next level. Many companies do not have any idea about this and at first, there’s a hesitation on their mind but once they tried it, they saw, how it helps their business or companies.

According to Quora, here in the Philippines SEO industries are very in demand. SEO pricing here in the Philippines is lower than the other countries. Why? Because Filipinos are very Hardworking and they are willing to accept every task as long as it will help their families in their needs. They will accept it even if the salary is lower than another country. Filipinos are very passionate about learning and working. They do not stick on what they know but they want to know more and study even on their own. That’s why; many companies want to work with Filipinos because they know that when it comes in Quality and credibility in SEO services, Filipino freelancers are the best on it.


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