Local SEO Services in the Philippines 2019

Local SEO Services: This kind of services helps your business to rank in local search results

Local SEO Services is one of the effective ways to rank your site from the local audience. Your website is your gate pass to target the entire online world for your business. But if right now, your main target is just a nearby city around your business location then you should know some local SEO. In these services, It’s all about the optimization of your location details. So the local audience will be able to find you even offline.

Advantage of Having a Local SEO Services in your website:

Local SEO Services: This kind of services helps your business to rank in local search results

Local SEO services are the proclamation of your business information on the internet. This services influence local search engine rankings as well as the visibility of the website.  The rankings, reputation, and revenue of a website are depending on how accurate the result of a Local SEO services is. Also, you can choose from Manual, Semi-automated and automated solutions for your local business. Having Local SEO services is a big help for your website to attract potential customers and Increase sales.

Here are the Advantage of local SEO services in your website:

-Local SEO services will let you get unlimited free traffic that will direct to your website.
-You will get Quality leads in Local SEO services.
-The Local SEO services will help you to promote special offers/ discounts.

Citation Package

  • Free Citation Audit
  • 100 Citations
  • Unique Description
  • Upload Logo/Photo
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Fast Result (5 days)

Citation Cleanup

  • Citation Audit
  • Update Incorrect Citations
  • Remove Duplicate Citations
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Fast Result (15 days)

What you’ll get in our Local SEO services?


We assure you that in our local SEO services you will get unique and Quality results of works.


We make sure that our Local SEO services always have an accurate result. It is important for us to give our very best to make our clients Happy.


We always want to give good satisfaction to our clients. In every transaction that we have our first goal is to give the best result with an affordable price of Local SEO  services.

BestSeoph Company will promise you that we will give our 100% hard work and Dedication to give you quality results in Citation Building services. A complete Local SEO services should include the NAP information which stands for Name, Address, and Phone number. And a Local SEO that does not have this three information was referred to as partial local SEO. In addition, there are times that you can hear the NAPU and NAPW, which U stands for URL while W, is for websites. In citation building services, you do not link back in a valuable site because through your accurate information you will get the best results. The more mention of your business outside of the web, your business will appear more prominent to Google that will help you in local rankings. In addition, the links in business directories are usually no-followed. But that’s not mean the links is not important. The links are important, especially in the Local SEO. A Local SEO that contains a link is better than a Local SEO that does not have a link.